San Francisco Invaded by Macworld

Posted Thursday, January 11th, 2007 at 01:58 AM


The alarm went off at 6:30 this morning, but I was already awake. In fact, I didn’t sleep well at all that night because today was the day of Steve Job’s keynote address at Macworld 2007. This year, as an Apple/FileMaker employee, I got an “Exhibitor” pass instead of the normal “Exhibit Floor,” pass like in past years, so I got to get in early.

The keynote was in Moscone East, but it was streamed live to a small audience at the Apple Theater on the showroom floor…behind black curtains. I couldn’t see the keynote, but could hear it. It was a different experience being able to hear Steve’s keynote in real-time, and hearing people around you cheer and applaud in approval. The two big announcements this year were definite crowd pleasers: the Apple TV and the iPhone. While the Apple TV doesn’t appeal to me personally, the iPhone is just unbelievable, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


The Apple iPhone
The all-new Apple iPhone

By now you have probably already seen pictures of the iPhone on the news and videos of the it in action. Seeing pictures of it and watching someone demo it live are two entirely different things. Watch some of the demo movies on the iPhone’s features and I guarantee you’ll be just as excited as we were. It is truly ahead of its time.

My 5th gen iPod, which I purchased on New Year’s Day 2006 has been one of the greatest pieces of technology that I have ever owned–I never leave home without it! I love having all my music all in one place and syncing it every day to get my daily and weekly podcasts like Digg, TWIT, and Buzz Out Loud. The podcasts keep me awake and add a little bit of sanity to my two hours of commute time every day. Life is a little more bearable. In addition to my iPod, I also carry around my phone. When I lost my phone last year, I held off on buying a new phone because of all the iPhone rumors going around, and received a hand-me-down Nokia. These two things can be rolled into one device is one less thing in my pocket.

The Apple iPhone at Macworld
It was the most popular thing at Macworld.

The iPhone is a wake-up call (pun intended) to the industry, and it hasn’t even come out yet! Just the fact that there have been rumors of this phone for years shows that the public has wanted a beautiful, easy to use phone. Two things that are have been lacking in today’s crowded mobile-phone space, and two things that Apple is pretty darned good at. When the features of the iPhone was being demo’d, there were–no joke–audible gasps of delight from everyone. The entire crowd, myself included, was thinking the same thing: why doesn’t every phone do that?

Just on the mere announcement of this thing caused a spike in Apple stock (yay!) and a drop in the the stock of Nokia, Palm, and RIMM. People want this thing and once it hits the market, it will be a success and will shake things up much in the same way the iPod did in 2001.

…of course I have been known to be wrong on occassion.

UPDATE: Phil Schiller gives a really nice demo of the actual iPhone in action. Watch it and tell me what you think.

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