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Go Sharks!

I had an interesting lunch this afternoon. My former boss at McAfee was moving on to bigger, better things, and today was his goodbye luncheon. So members of the good ‘ol UI team past and present were invited for a to Maggiano’s at Santana Row. We all sat down and were having a merry time when I looked up and two tables away was “The Great One,” Mr. Wayne Gretzky. It then occurred to me that the Coyotes (you know, one of the worst teams in the NHL) are playing the Sharks tonight, so as he walked past our table on his way out, we couldn’t resist and yelled out “Go Sharks!”

Even though it was Wayne Gretzky–the guy is a legend–I still feel pretty good about having done my duty as a Sharks fan.

Finally: Adobe Creative Suite 3

Adobe officially releases Adobe Creative Suite 3 today! And there was much rejoicing in the Macintelville.

If the upgrade is anything like the Photoshop CS3 beta, this really is Adobe’s largest upgrade in years. I can’t wait to try out the new version of Fireworks in particular. I love Fireworks, but it’s dog-slow on an Intel Mac. I’d like to see the new version of Dreamweaver, but I think I’ve “grown out of” Dreamweaver and moved away from WYSIWYG to purely text-based editors. I actually really like Dreamweaver’s code view, but can’t stand how big, slow, and bloated it is.

more later when I actually have had a chance to use CS3…

This is SPARTA! (no spoilers)

Lem, Andrew and I stood for over an hour in a long line that started up the staircase, out the door, and down the street at opening night of 300, the movie adaptation of Frank Miller’s comic book series by the same name. This is hardly a documentary about the famous Spartan stand against the Persian army at The Battle of Thermopyle, but portrays it the way legends are always told: exaggerated, entertaining, and epic.

The movie is comic-book stylized and stays faithful to Frank Miller’s storytelling. I have read the comics and just as in Sin City, was pleasantly surprised to see the shots and framing of the movie were literally recreated from panels in the comic books. Since you can’t fit much in a 5 part comic book series, it’s not a surprise that this big-screen version added some plot lines and fleshed out its characters more, but it was very well-done. 300 had the classic themes of making a stand and sticking to your ideals when the odds are against you. Good guys were good, bad guys were really, really bad, and the heroes were larger-than-life.

I really loved art direction, and thought the visual treatment was beautiful. That sounds a little strange since 300 had its ample share of decapitations, severed limbs, and skewered bodies, but even that was stylized…you would have to see the movie, I guess, to understand.

The fight scenes were spectacular! The battle choreography was great, and this movie really perfected the “Matrix-esque” slow-motion effect. Of course, unlike the last two Matrix movies, these scenes had a point and moved the story along (300 had least had a story…or at least one that you could understand).

We were unanimous: it was one of the best movies we’d seen in a long time.