Go Sharks!

Posted Friday, March 30th, 2007 at 06:49 PM


I had an interesting lunch this afternoon. My former boss at McAfee was moving on to bigger, better things, and today was his goodbye luncheon. So members of the good ‘ol UI team past and present were invited for a to Maggiano’s at Santana Row. We all sat down and were having a merry time when I looked up and two tables away was “The Great One,” Mr. Wayne Gretzky. It then occurred to me that the Coyotes (you know, one of the worst teams in the NHL) are playing the Sharks tonight, so as he walked past our table on his way out, we couldn’t resist and yelled out “Go Sharks!”

Even though it was Wayne Gretzky–the guy is a legend–I still feel pretty good about having done my duty as a Sharks fan.

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