The New Intelligent Design

Posted Sunday, April 1st, 2007 at 01:18 PM


My blog, Intelligent Design, since it’s creation in 2004, has never been christened with a real logo. I’m proud to introduce the new branding and identity for Intellligent Design:

Intelligent Design

What can I say–it’s a masterpiece. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the internet, it’s already been copied many times over.

Many times.

UPDATE: This was kind of an inside web designer April Fool’s if you couldn’t tell. The originator of the logo, Dan Cederholm of Simplebits fame had his logo stolen by Logomaid, then sold to its customers for $199. The full force of the web design community’s sense of humor came upon the internet yesterday, and it was beautiful.

Dan’s been a good sport about it all. By the way, Dan’s first book “Web Standards Solutions” and Simplebits lead the way in my learning CSS. I’m forever grateful.

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