A Night of Hockey

Posted Thursday, April 12th, 2007 at 12:51 PM


Sharks for the win!
Sharks win, baby. …time for cake!

The first Sharks playoff game just happened to be on the same night as one of my hockey games. I was happy to see that regulation would end before we started playing, but then Nashville tied it up in the last minute. During our game, every time anyone was on the bench half their attention was on the flatscreen TV across the rink watching the Sharks as they went into overtime…then double overtime.

As for our game, it was Lem’s first official C-league game with Andrew and I, and he did really well. In fact there was a good part of the 2nd period when the lines got mixed up and we were all on the same line. We were losing by a lot at this point, and whatever reason I got moved up to forward, Lem to defense, and the very next play I connected with Andrew for a score. Hmm…maybe I should try playing forward some more. We ended up losing by a wide margin, but it was a fun, satisfying game. I got my gear off and stepped within viewing distance of the TV just in time to see the Sharks–and all of Scotts Valley Sports Center–celebrating to the game winning goal.

That night we all went back to Andrew’s birthday party where we watched the overtime periods of the game that they had TiVo’d. Not quite as exciting when you know the outcome.


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