Endorsement: SpamSieve

Posted Monday, April 16th, 2007 at 02:44 PM

Well, I’ve been using SpamSieve for a week now, and I’m really impressed. Even after moving to a Mac at home, Chesney still had her PC which I setup to act as a mail server to run SpamPal for all our computers, and it worked great. When Chesney got her new Macbook, we were forced to use Mail.app’s built-in spam filter, while I researched the best Mac solution.

My SpamSieve stats after a week
My SpamSieve stats
after a week

I finally got around to trying SpamSieve, the most popular Mac spam-fighting solution. I initially passed it over because I was looking for something that used public blacklists as SpamPal did, but kept coming back to it because of the great reviews it got from well-known people in the Mac community as well as “the regular people,” blogs like this one.

Even then I wasn’t completely convinced to give it a try until I watched the setup video which showed me just how integrated and unobtrusive SpamSieve is. The setup was easy, and it loads automatically when new mail comes in. As opposed to maybe 10 to 20 spams getting through the Mail.app spam filter pers day, I’m now living Spam-free, occasionally checking for false-positives, but that’s to be expected as it’s still training after only a week of use.

Coincidentally, Macworld posted a review of SpamSieve just today and gave it a perfect score of 5 mice!

I didn’t like either of the icons, so I replaced it with the spam icon in the Email Me icon set.
SpamSieve icon replacement

Save yourself cumulative hours of your life deleting Cialis spam–eat the affordable cost and install SpamSieve!

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