Coda, a New Web Dev App

Posted Monday, April 23rd, 2007 at 07:38 PM


Panic, the makers of Transmit released their all-in-one web development app, Coda today. The last “big” web development software package I used was Dreamweaver, but I have long-since left it in favor of Transmit + lightweight text editors. The combination is so fast that I can literally open Transmit, navigate to a file, open it, edit it, save/upload, and close both apps before Dreamweaver even opens.

Normally, when doing web work, I have at least these applications open: Transmit, skEdit, Firefox (with web developer toolbar). Coda brings all of those together into one, slick piece of software. I’ve used Coda all but 10 minutes, but it makes a really good first impression! The app is visually beautiful, functional, brings to the table some ideas in web development that have never been implemented this well before (in my opinion).


I wish there were more options in tag completion. I have gotten so dependent on my own “custom” tag completion that I’m crippled when I try to use another text editor. Maybe it’s time to learn something new…

The website, by the way, is beautifully designed, too.

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