Back. Sort of.

Posted Friday, June 29th, 2007 at 03:41 PM

Well this blog has taken a back-seat to life. Life kind of ramped up starting with our Philippines vacation and still hasn’t calmed down. We had been looking to purchase a new home for a couple of months prior to leaving for the Philippines, but when we came back, we found some places that we really liked, which kicked off a whirlwind of preparation to get our current home ready to put on the market. With summer activities taking up most of our weekends, we’re packing, cleaning, and fixing up after getting home from work. For the last couple weeks, when our heads hit the pillow we’re out.

So here’s an update. We really enjoyed our trip to the Philippines. Caleb surprised us again with his exceptionally good behavior on the long 10+ hours flights (It helped that we all had our own personal TV screens to watch whatever we wanted). We had a great time with family, and I’m reminded again of what it’s like to spend quality time together. Whenever my family gets together here in California, it’s always for a day–two at the most. It was nice to relax and enjoy time together without having to cram it all in.

The extended family reunion was fun too. Unlike my parents, brothers and sister, I hadn’t seen my extended Manila family since 2000, so I didn’t even recognize some of my cousins! Together, we toured beaches, tourist spots, and had feasts of mangoes, various seafood, and most importantly, halo-halo!

If you want to see pictures from our trip to the Philippines, there’s plenty on, and Lem wrote a couple entries on his own blog. One on Oliver’s, too.

When I got back, a lot of things had changed in the Apple world. More of Leopard was shown, the iPhone news was even more out of control than when I left (happy iPhone day, by the way), and stock had skyrocketed (yesssss!). And yesterday, at the town-hall meeting, Steve dropped this on us! Yes, it’s good to be back at work in some ways.

When things calm down a little, I’ll get back to blogging. Pray for our house situation…we have a house in mind, but it may not happen. We’ll be happy wherever God leads us.

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