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Another Redesign…Just Be Cuz

Unlike the author of this blog, Chesney at least writes in her blog on a regular basis, so she should have a nicer-looking site. She gave me a rough idea of what she wanted, and I worked on it off and on in my spare time.

Chesney's New Blog Design

This is really the first design that I have ever done that is so heavy on graphics. I learned a few new Photoshop techniques such as creating the paper-tear look, and using brushes for the coffee stains. Usually I keep background images and decorative elements to a minimum, so it was challenging to do something different, but fun and rewarding.

It’s not quite finished, and is still a little rough around the edges, but check it out.

Ventura Weekend

We are so cool.
We impress the ladies.

One of the highlights of my summers is getting together with the guys in Ventura for a weekend for some licorice, hanging out, and good gaming. This year I stayed the whole weekend, instead of driving down Friday and driving back up the next morning–10 hours total driving time, 3 hours total sleep–not the best idea. One of the really fun things this year was dinner at Dargan’s, Lem’s favorite pub in Ventura. They had really good food, and apparently, really good Guinness–as confirmed by Andrew.

Other highlights included The Bourne Ultimatum, cake and ice cream for Matt’s birthday, insulting Lem, and impressing the waitresses at Carrows Saturday morning with our long discussions World of Warcraft Warrior specs.

Ventura friends, I salute you. You guys are awesome. I hope that one day I will be able to take Caleb–and someday–my grandchildren to these boy’s weekends.

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