Giving it Another Go

Posted Friday, February 13th, 2009 at 02:46 PM

Fellow web developer, Josh Dura–who also just started blogging again–said it best: “welcome back to me.” My last real post was from Septemeber 2007, which was far, far too long ago. But then again, I started blogging on in 2002 before the term “blog” had even been coined, so maybe I needed a break. I can’t really pin down the reason I stopped, but I quit about the same time a lot of friends and family quit blogging as well. I think I can blame Facebook and Twitter for that! (Mac, you gotta start blogging again – you had a good thing going there!)

It’s a shame, since I enjoy writing. I enjoy looking back at my old posts even more, to see what I was thinking and talking about at the time. So here’s my new plan. I’m going to post whatever I want…however often I want. In the past I think I tried to hard to perfect my posts and make them from “web designer professional guy.” I see that I have several drafts of posts that never went up because I wanted to get them just right before posting them. As I approach my 30th birthday this year, I guess I am waxing nostalgic and feel like I should get my thoughts down somehow.

30th birthday this year!! Sigh…kids these days don’t even know what designing websites with tables even means.

Hm, I’ll have to redo my about page and stick my Twitter updates on this site as well.

So here’s to hoping. I spend far too much time online in front of a computer not to post here once in a while!

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