No Line on the Horizon

Posted Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 at 09:59 AM


No Line on the HorizonIt’s on sale now for $4 on the Amazon MP3 downloads store! And if you’re still into the old-fashioned paper and plastic, it’s still only $8. That’s pretty cheap for a big-time band, so even if you’ve been listening to the tracks that leaked out weeks ago, support the band and spend the $4!

On a side note, I haven’t bought an actual CD for some time now. I didn’t buy into Apple’s iTunes (or anyone else’s) DRM’d music, thankfully, but as soon as Amazon announced high-quality, DRM-free tracks, I was on board–I haven’t bought a CD since. I realized that whenever I did buy one, I went home and ripped it to put on my iPod. After that the CD went on the shelf or took up space on the floor of my car. It may have been cool to show off your CD collection on a shelf at home, or in one of those huge binder-style Case Logic CD cases, but really, nowadays your CD collection is on your iPod.

Also, U2 on Letterman all week.

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