Happy First Birthday, Tyler!

Posted Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 at 10:22 AM

Since Caleb got a post when he turned 1, it’s only fair that Tyler gets a blog post, too. Ha, “fair.” Chesney and I do our best, but we kind of stopped trying to make things completely fair – who knows how much he has been “cheated” out of since he is the 2nd child! I’m pretty sure that he has had half the amount of pictures taken of him in comparison with Caleb. …but maybe that’s a good thing… (remember the old Caleb Daily Photos?)

Anyway, Happy birthday, little guy! It was a year ago today that you joined our family and changed our lives forever.

His party is this weekend, right after we get back from an out-of-town wedding. Hopefully we will make it through this busy, busy weekend in one piece!

I don’t have a picture of Tyler from today, but I have this one from a couple days ago, when he was enjoying our new lawn:

Caleb and Tyler enjoy our new lawn

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