August is a Bad Time to go for a Drive

Posted Monday, August 24th, 2009 at 12:54 PM


It looks like whenever Oliver and I plan to get together around this time of year, something bad happens. We had been planning, up until Caleb’s eye debacle, to visit Oliver and Nem at their new place this past weekend, and that Saturday, Oliver, in his last couple weeks of his probationary period, was responding to an additional units call when he and his partner collided with another car which was running a red light. Thankfully, he’s doing A-OK, recovering from a broken arm. If you want more details, it’s on my dad’s blog.

Almost exactly 1 year ago (missed it by a week!), I was on my way down to LA to see Oliver’s LAPD badge ceremony when I rolled my car on the I-5. But just like Oliver’s accident, I came out relatively unscathed, which a mere broken thumb and lacerations on the top of my head, that were thankfully not as serious as the doctors feared.

Totalled Car

Car Accident During my recovery, I created this page (new window) for friends and family to see, which details what happened on the I-5 that night.

I know there’s no way that this will ever reach these people, but some thanks are in order from not just me, but Chesney, Caleb, Tyler and the rest of my family:

  • Thank you to the guy who was there right when I got out of my car, who called 911, and who was willing to let me put his brand new iPhone 3G up to my bloodied face to make a call to Chesney. Even in my dazed state, I respected the phone enough to say “it’s ok, just put it on speaker.”
  • Thank you to the truck driver who stopped and bandaged my head before the paramedics arrived. However, while right in front of me, you could’ve done without mentioning to the paramedic that you might have seen some bone.
  • Thank you to the paramedic who talked to me and calmed me down during my first ever helicopter ride (not that great since I strapped to a stretcher and in a neck brace–all I saw were the pretty lights on the ceiling of the cabin).
  • Thank you to the ER doctors and nurses at Modesto Memorial, thank you for the conversation, stitches, staples, and most of all, painkillers.
Tim after the accident
Not my best moment.

And of course I can’t go without thanking Chesney and family, for the love, care, and support during my recovery.

So a year later, I can kind of relate to Oliver and what he’s going through. Best wishes Oliver–we’re praying for you and Nem. I just wish that we had driven down for a visit so that we could’ve been there for you. Heal up, and enjoy your time away from work with some vacation time with Nem! See you on Xbox Live! And Christmas!

Ah well, let’s just not plan on getting together in the last couple weeks of August, 2010!

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