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2010 Christmas Family Photos

You’d think that since I’m so fond of photography and happen to have a pro-photographer for a brother we would have more family photos done, but we don’t. In face the last time we had a good family photo done was probably last Christmas…

Lem was kind enough to make a trip out to our place just to take some family photos for our Christmas card this year. We got all dressed up, took some photos in front of the house, and since the kids were cooperating nicely, went also to nearby McDorsa park.

Lem did a great job, and all the whole set is on timches.

Family photo, Christmas 2010

and the finished product, from Snapfish:

The finished card, front, Christmas 2010
The finished card, front, Christmas 2010

Sharks Games with the Cousins

This December was especially merry because Daniel and Lisa brought back their tradition of going to a Sharks as a group for their birthdays! I always look forward to these outings, because when we are a group, we become the best of fans.

Witness this video Lem took from the Sharks’ 2006 come-from-behind win against the Ducks of all opponents..

Daniel and Lisa’s 2010 birthday game did not disappoint, as you can see from the photos, but we also managed to re-create some of the magic from 2006 with this glorious video of the Sharks coming from a 1-goal deficit to destroy the Coyotes.


(Thanks cousin Mac, for some of the video footage)

Thanks for the fun night, DL! Looking forward to next year!

Going for the Hat-trick!

We’re a little late on the announcement, but I’m going to be a dad! Again! Tyler will get his chance at being the big brother, and Caleb will have to deal with 2 little siblings soon. Like before, we’re going the old-fashioned route and keeping whether or not it’s a boy or girl a surprise for the birth day.

Caleb and Tyler, BOTH big brothers
Caleb and Tyler, BOTH big brothers

The late announcement isn’t because we’re paranoid-secretive. Chesney took a test in early November and went in for a prenatal check a couple weeks ago. Our own calculations were way off and the ultrasound showed that Chesney was already 17 weeks along. …So much for that tough, first trimester. Chesney has always had easy pregnancies, but this is ridiculous.

It’s true what they say – by the 3rd child, they don’t get any pictures. We didn’t even bother with the 10-week ultrasound pictures.

One of the ultrasounds of our healthy number 3
One of the ultrasound photos of our healthy number 3

I’m excited for another addition the family! I’m not gonna lie–it’d be nice to have a girl this time around–and with the Malabuyo genes, there’s not really a good chance (see exhibit A below), but hey, families with all boys are awesome!

A 1-in-8 chance?
A 1 in 8 chance?

Pray for us as we go through the usual stresses and life-changes with adding another family member. After successfully raising 2 babies into kid-hood, another will be a piece of cake, right? Right??

Giants, World Series CHAMPS

Congratulations to the Giants and their fans for a job well-done! It’s great to be the underdogs and win it all! I’m no baseball fan, but Giants fever spread everywhere. I jumped on the bandwagon myself! I didn’t watch a single game in the regular season, but just could not avoid watching and following the Giants’ tromp through the playoffs and World Series. I’m happy for all the Giants fans out there–victory must be so sweet.

Giants are champs!
Tim Lincecum was superb in Game 5

I was only 10 years old, but I vividly remember watching the 49ers in Superbowl XXIII against the Bengals in 1989 and mom jumping up and down, screaming during “The Drive” that ended with a touchdown to win in the last minutes. I also remember watching the “Battle of the Bay” World Series that same year and the Giants getting their clocks cleaned by the A’s. So as we were watching the Giants charge the mound in celebration last night I told Caleb (my 6-year old) to remember this night and this game. It only comes around every 50 years or so.

…unless you’re a 49ers fan and they win all 5 of their superbowls within a 20-year span. It’s been a while, so I think they are due for another one. Hm, I think I’m frustrated with the 49ers this season.

Fantasy Hockey!

When Oliver asked me to join his fantasy basketball league and then suggested we start a fantasy hockey league, I thought, hey, why not? I have never participated in a fantasy league of any kind before and all of a sudden I’m in a basketball league and the commish of a hockey one.

Unfortunately, Yahoo’s fantasy league isn’t the easiest UI to navigate, but that’s probably more because of the sheer amount of information you have to traverse. I’ve gotten some questions about how it all works from guys in our league, and Yahoo has a huge help section, but I thought it might be nice to have real-world examples…like, our own league.

One-day into our season, and here’s what I’ve found out so far…

The Scoring

Whoever’s team is beating the other in a given category are awarded one point. You can see who gets the point in the column by the number in bold.


The official Head-to-head scoring explanation from Yahoo.

BUT, the scoring per day isn’t quite a good indicator of who’s winning, since not every player plays every day. For example, in matchup between Failure is an Option and DHunt’s Team below, it looks as if DHunt’s Team is killing, but in reality, he had 2 players Monday, while Failure is an Option had none. Since 1 is better than none, of course DHunt’s Team is going to amass better stats in every category.


The score will even out for their matchup the following day when Failure is an Option has 4 players with games that night, and the final scores will be at the end of the week, Saturday night.

Getting the Most Out of Your Players

Every team has 4 bench players (1 being a goaltender), the slot denoted BN. Stats from players on the bench don’t count towards your score, so you will want to move them off the bench and into their position slot, replacing anyone who isn’t going to be playing that day.

So in this example, I have Getzlaf on the bench, and since he has a game tonight, I will want to move him into Koivu’s spot, especially since Koivu’s not playing tonight.


(When you’re done editing a lineup, don’t forget to hit the “Submit” button.)

Since you can edit your lineups for future dates as well, you should go ahead and do this same thing for every day through Saturday, just so you can get the most out of your roster.

Also make sure that you don’t have anyone on injured reserve (IR) or has the day to day (DTD) status taking up one of your slots. Bench them (A.K.A. Kovy ‘em) or drop them altogether if they look like they’ll be out long term. I’ve found that those statuses aren’t always up-to-date or quite accurate, so do your homework around the web before dumping a star player.

I think those are the basics. Hope this helps. Any other tips are welcome.

By the way, my team in Oliver’s fantasy basketball league, the San Jose Sharks have an awesome lineup! With both Warriors stars Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry, how can I lose??

An Amateur’s Analysis of the Sharks’ Offseason

I’ve been so excited about the upcoming hockey season that I’m literally craving hockey. It probably also has to do with the fact that I’m taking a season off playing hockey myself. I eat up hockey news and even started playing NHL 10 again. I’m currently playing as the Sharks (of course) and in the Conference Finals against the Blues, series tied at 1-1… But anyway, I’ve been following the Sharks’ offseason exploits and decided to write down my opinions. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about hockey, so get ready for some hockey nerd-talk…

Blake Retiring

Rob Blake had a great, hall-of-fame career, and it was great to have him on our team for the last two years. His departure has left a gaping–no, monstrous hole in our defense. The Sharks to date, are still lacking a top defensemen for their top 4.

We need another defensemen
as good as this guy.

Murray with Boyle and Vlasic with… Demers?? I don’t see any of our other guys able to step up to this role yet. The Sharks didn’t get Kaberle, they didn’t get Bieksa or scrambled eggs Willie Mitchell…maybe Doug Wilson has plans for a mid-season trade.

The Sharks made and offer on Chicago’s grade-A defensemen, Hjalmarsson, but Chicago put a stop to that, matching the Sharks’ offer. That opened things up for acquiring Niemi, but more on that later…

Re-signing Pavelski

The Big Pavelski could’ve certainly gone to another team for more money–especially after his great performance in the first two rounds of the playoffs–so it’s great to see that he has chosen to stay with the Sharks at a hometown discount. He’s a fan-favorite, and along with Boyle, he’s a popular pick for the C this year. Too soon that on a team full of veterans?

Re-signing Setoguchi

It took a long time for the Sharks to re-sign my favorite Asian on the team, especially when Seto expressed his desire to stay with team. My guess is they were using Seto as trade-bait, but when the free-agent market dried-up, they finally re-signed him. Only for a year though, so after having a not-so-great year, the Sharks are pretty much telling Seto to produce or else… Good news is this keeps the Seto-Pavs-Clowe awesome number 2 line together for another season.

Not re-signing Malhotra

We’ll miss you Manny. Manny did well with his time with the Sharks. He signed with the Sharks at a discounted price ($700k), and because of his performance–and the Sharks’ performance last year, got a whopping raise: 3 years, $7.5 million with the Canucks. It’s too bad we couldn’t keep him, but you can’t blame Manny for not turning down a deal like that.

Nabby is sad. (from

Hello Marleau, Bye-bye Nabokov

Marleau was given a new contract. Nabby was not. I really like Nabby. I really, really do. But after years and years of Nabby playing great in the regular season and struggling in key moments in the post-season, I just don’t know if the Sharks could pull it off with Nabby between the pipes. Nabby moved on to the KHL will be a very, very rich man.

Change is good sometimes, and the decision not to re-sign Nabby will be good for the Sharks. They have really good prospects, Greiss, and acquired two more really good goaltenders…maybe too many goaltenders now?

The Greiss-Nitti-Niemi problem

After signing Niittymaki early in the summer, it looked like there would be good goaltending throughout the season divided between him and Greiss. Greiss would finally get some much-needed games played and valuable development. Then along came the signing of Stanley Cup winner, Niemi, shaking everything up. Many doubted this decision, but Randy Hahn’s assessment, heard on the Dudes on Hockey podcast interview, is the best explanation I’ve heard:

“There was an opportunity for Doug Wilson to make the team a better team one more time and I think it was a good move. I think the Sharks are better in-goal than they were a week ago, and he didn’t have to give up any assets except some salary cap space…”

And I agree–pick up a last year’s Stanley Cup goaltender without giving up any players or any draft picks, and at a good price–why not sign him?

So now the Sharks have 3 net-minders competing for the starting job. Are they even going to let Greiss have a chance at the job?

Greiss Niittymaki Niemi
Age 24 30 27
NHL games 19 210 42
Record 7-5-2 83-79-28 27-8-5
Goals Against Avg. 2.77 2.98 2.32
Save Percentage .906 .903 .910
Salary $500,000 $2M $2M

Too many good goalies? That’s not the worst problem to have. Could be worse: we could’ve gotten Turco.

As a side-note, I don’t think DW is the vindictive sort of GM, but the Sharks making an offer on Hjalmarsson totally screwed the Blackhawks. In order to keep him, they had to let go of Niemi, as if they didn’t have enough problems to deal with. They did end up getting Marty Turco for a year, but he’s been a mediocre goalie in his last few years. Combine that with their losing a good amount of their Stanley Cup players, who knows how well the Blackhawks will do in the 10-11 season. They’ll of course still beat down on the Sharks though, since the Sharks historically can’t get the puck past Turco for some reason.

And that about does it I think. The Sharks never did make any earth-shattering deals, save Nabokov being let go (see what I did there?) and getting ahold of Niemi. Besides that, it looks like the team is going to be largely the same.

Lastly, check out my goal last night against the Bruins the Stanley Cup! Marleau uses his speed on a breakaway!

Those are my thoughts and I think besides plugging the hole in defense, we have a really solid team just like last year. Hockey season hurry up and get here already! Redesign

I’m happy to say that after a year of off and on work with the excellent team at the non-profit, CityTeam Ministries, we’ve launched a long-overdue redesign of the CityTeam website! redesign

CityTeam Ministries was my first web design job out of college, so I was happy to work with them again. You can see a brief history of their website designs on my post I wrote when I left CityTeam back in 2005.

Congratulations to CityTeam and the marketing team on the launch of their new website!

Today I Became an Uncle!

Today I joined friends and family in welcoming Rhys (sounds like “Reece”) Culver Fullerton into the world. Born to proud parents Andrew and Brittany–congratulations you too, and welcome to the new sleep schedule!

Rhys Culver Fullerton
Welcome to the family, Rhys!

I love to see new moms and dads. I still vividly remember that day when I became a brand-new dad, myself, feeling a whole bunch of emotions all at the same time, knowing Chesney and I’s lives would be changed starting today. Aw, I’m happy for Andrew and Brittany and the joy they’re feeling right now.

See all the pictures I took this afternoon during our visit with Andrew, Brittany, and Rhys.

Congratulations Mac and Abby!

Last Saturday on a beautiful August late afternoon, cousin Mac and his lovely bride, Abby tied the knot. It was a short and sweet ceremony followed by a fun reception with good food and great company. I love weddings!

Mac and Abby, Mr. and Mrs. Camacho
Mac and Abby enjoying their reception

I love taking pictures at weddings, and I can’t help myself from walking around the ceremony like a click-happy photographer wannabe. If I got in your way, Mr. Stephan Babuljak, I apologize! By the way, I love Mr. Babuljak’s photo-journalistic style, and if the photos are anything like Mac and Abby’s engagement photos, they are going to be great.

Lem put together an awesome photo slideshow which had the whole place rolling, especially when some of Mac’s hand-picked, goofy photos came up on screen. The fact that the background music for his photos was “Loser” by Beck was perfect.

Speaking of the slideshow, I’m happy to say that a lot of my pictures made it in. It always me happy when I see my photos used for things like this. Photos, which I not only take, but make available for everyone on our family site. After keeping this up for the past eight years, it sometimes seems as though I’m only putting them up for myself and nobody else. So finding them on Christmas cards or slideshows like this at least validates the site’s existence a bit.

This by the way, is the earliest photo that I can find of Mac and Abby at a family get-together on our site.

Mac and Abby at Dave and Dee's Halloween Birthday Bash 2005 Five years ago!

Congrats Mac and Abby! Great job on the wedding and blessings on your new life together!

Geeks in their Natural Habitat

Every summer Lem and I head down to Ventura for a get-together event with old friends. We spend 3 days of gaming into the early morning hours, hanging out when we wake up at noon, and non-stop binging on the unhealthiest of food.

LAN Party 2010 with Serious CatSerious Cat at this year’s LAN Party

We had a good group this year–the same core group with the usual 2 or 3 guests. The big games this year were League of Legends, TF2, and surprisingly UT2004, still holding on as a choice game (what happened to UT3?). No movie outing this year, but a few of us did get out at least once to see a play, 1776 put on by some friends.

Now that we’ve been doing this for half a decade, it’s fun to look back at my historical records of pictures from every year on Flickr. Now that most of us are finally of legal age (we’re getting older), beer made a nice, welcome appearance this year! We’ve graduated from college, grad-school, gotten jobs, moved away, but it’s great that we have been able to still keep this tradition going. I would’ve included “gotten married,” but the one guy who has gotten married hasn’t made it to a LAN party since–yep, that’s YOU Daniel! :) I have Lem to thank for asking all these guys if his older brother could join them in playing Guild Wars all those years ago.

Thanks again Tim and Todd for once again hosting this great event!

The Problem with Soccer

The Problem with Soccer
A fine example of dive-based reffing

I’m going to say up front that I’m not a soccer fan. I’m also going to say right up front that I’m not going spend the next few paragraphs ripping on the game of soccer. This outsider only has one complaint.

This was the first year that I even paid 1 minute of attention to the World Cup, caught a couple games streaming, and even saw the last half of the World Cup championship itself. For me, what made it hard to watch was the rampant diving! It seemed like half the time that any two players came within touching distance, one or both of them would end up rolling on the ground clutching a limb and and/or screaming at the ref for a call.

Sure, every sport has their diving and notorious divers, but in soccer, even soccer fans have to admit that it is out of hand. Is this something that soccer players really want to be known for? Do soccer leagues really do anything to prevent this behavior? Why is a ref less likely to call a penalty if there is no injury? As a spectator, it was hard to have a stoppage in play so often because of a player down on the ground.

I played my share of competitive team sports growing up — including soccer — and I never witnessed as much diving as I did watching two games in the World Cup. I was always taught to play tough, play through it, because teammates are counting on you.

Now as an adult I play hockey in local rec leagues and in pickup, and personally, as a player, I have never and will never dive for any reason. Ever. If I get hit, I get up (if I can) and keep on playing! At the very least I hobble over to the bench as quickly as I can to get a sub out there to play in my place. I leave it to the ref to decide whether or not there was a penalty. It’s naive I know, but isn’t this the way sports should be?

I know there are many, many more people in this world who are soccer/football fans than my fellow hockey fans, so I guess my question is, is this really “just part of the game?” It just seems ridiculous to me.

I can say that in hockey, even with protective equipment, the hits are harder, much, much, much more frequent, and the players still manage to play through it. Notice that in this video, most guys who get hit — even by the “hardest hits ever” — get right back up to play:

And by contrast, I came across this video, and while it’s not really fair, it does illustrate the issue in question pretty comically. While these are extreme examples, lesser dives happen frequently in every game. Something is wrong there.

And oh yeah, I redesigned my blog.

Happy Independence Day!

Caleb, Eli, and Tyler celebrate the 4th!

Caleb, Eli, and Tyler celebrate the 4th!

We had a great time doing the great-American traditions of spending time with family, fireworks, BBQing, and eating entirely too much food. My mom, dad, and sister are visiting from the Philippines and joined us this year. All the photos are on on our site.

Father’s Day 2010

Happy Father’s Day all you dads out there. I had a great Father’s Day and I am proud to be the daddy of two wonderful boys.

Caleb made me a trophy!
Caleb made me a trophy!
Chesney got us a set of geek shirts!
Chesney got us a set of geek shirts!

AT&T Data Plan Pricing Changes

Death Star

When AT&T announced they were taking away the $30 per month unlimited data plan in favor of tiered, capped plans. The internet’s knee-jerk reaction, of course, was that of complete and utter outrage. To me, the world wasn’t coming to an end, but I was annoyed to hear that they were taking away the unlimited data plan completely. That seemed to be backwards thinking, I thought, the way things are going with the world going mobile.

I checked our bills for Chesney’s iPhone from January on, and found out–shockingly–that her usage was under 200 MB, ranging from 64 MB to 143 MB at the most. Chesney, like me, uses her phone all the time and rarely makes calls, so I suppose most of that is while connected to wifi. So I’m happy to say that the change in AT&T’s pricing scheme will allow us to move down to the 200 MB/month plan and save us $15 every month!

We’ll lose the unlimited plan forever, but hey, if we’re well-below the lowest tier cap, we can always go up a tier and still be saving $5/month. Also I do think as time goes on, these caps will be changed to reflect the amounts of data users consume.

Now AT&T needs to follow up with cheaper voice plans. We’re paying the cheapest $40/month plan for minutes that we rarely ever use and never even come close to the cap. I would love to pay less for voice and more for data.

Just as an addendum, I looked at my corp account iPhone usage, and it was a little higher than my wife’s, but not by much, and still under the 200 MB/mo cap. I guess I don’t use that much data either.

Congratulations Sharks on a Great Season

From the Sharks website

The Sharks played well but were ultimately swept by an unshakable Chicago Blackhawks team. In past seasons of disappointing playoff exits, the Sharks didn’t live up to their full potential, earning their reputation as playoff chokers. This year was different. They rallied in the 1st round to beat the Avalanche, steamrolled the Red Wings in the 2nd round, and played a great series against Chicago, who proved to be the better team in the end, sweeping the Sharks in 4 hard-fought games.

Despite the sweep, anybody who actually watched the games – ‘Hawks fans included – will tell you that the sweep wasn’t indicative of the play on the ice. The Sharks outshot the Hawks in 3 out of the 4 games and looked to control most of the games. But no matter what the Sharks threw at the Hawks – and freakin’ Niemi, they just couldn’t win the games.

Congrats to the Blackhawks–they played a great 4 games, coming from behind to win in a couple and never playing dirty.

Before Game 3, when the Sharks were only down 2 games in the series, Tim Kawakami of the Merc predicted the Blackhawks would win simply because they were the better team:

It would be simpler and snazzier to conclude that the Sharks are choking now as they choke always, but they are not.
Nope, the Sharks are not losing these games to Chicago because of bad luck or regrettably callow performances. In contrast to recent playoff torments when the Sharks had the most talent but the least gumption, this time they’re just flat-out losing.

Justin Bourne of Puck Daddy, wrote about the Sharks’ exit from the playoffs:

The San Jose Sharks played a fantastic series for a team that got swept. With the pedal to the floor from the drop of the puck (for the second straight night), nothing they could muster seemed good enough.

Given all of this, I don’t understand is how people can label this years Sharks as chokers. Is anything less than the Stanley Cup “choking” now? Even with the Sharks’ great play, the Blackhawks came out on top – but there’s no shame in losing in the Conference Finals to the #2 seed. How is that choking? Especially when there are far better examples of choking this year in the Eastern Conference: Pittsburg, Washington, and most awesomely, Boston.

As any die-hard fan of any sport knows, you bond with your team, celebrate when times are good, and lose sleep over hard losses. Even though I would have loved to have seen my Sharks advance to the Stanley Cup Finals, I’m proud of the Sharks this year and what they accomplished.

This is a far better end-of-the-season post than last year, when I angrily wrote a post on the President’s Trophy Sharks losing to the 8th-seeded Ducks (before this year’s Bruins, that, my friends was a fine example of real choking).

I’ve updated my pretty graphic from last year’s post:

  • 1997-98: Lost to Dallas in the Quarterfinals
  • 1998-99: Lost to Colorado in the Quarterfinals
  • 1999-00: Lost to Dallas in the Semifinals
  • 2001-02: Lost to Colorado in the Semifinals
  • 2002-03: didn’t make the playoffs
  • 2003-04: Lost to Calgary in the Conference Finals
  • 2004-05: Stupid lockout
  • 2005-06: Lost to Edmonton in Semifinals
  • 2006-07: Lost to Detroit in Semifinals
  • 2007-08: Lost to Dallas in the Semifinals
  • 2008-09: Lost to Anaheim in the Quarterfinals
  • 2009-10: Lost to Chicago in the Conference Finals

Next Year…

Paddy Marleau, turning up the speed

So what’s in store for the Sharks next year? There will be the usual roster shuffling and changes, but the core will probably stay the same. The only big questions are Marleau and Nabokov, who are up for grabs as free agents.

If this was Marleau’s last year as a Shark, he definitely saved the best for last, scoring a career high number of goals and showing up strong in this series against the Blackhawks. A lot of teams would be happy to pay Marleau piles of money to come play for them. I hope he stays though–Marleau has always been one of my favorite players because of his skill and his humility (I can’t stand athletes that are full of themselves). He may have been questionable as a captain, but he is still one of the foundations of this Sharks team, a “franchise player.” He has done so much for the Sharks organization that I think that his number will be the first that they retire.

Nabby has been a great goalie for the Sharks for years, but now that his contract is up, I think it is a good time to look to find another goaltender for a different direction. I don’t believe Greiss is up to the task, so we’ll have to wait and see what the Sharks organization does.

You can bet on the Sharks making another playoff appearance next year and after shedding their choker rep this year, I’m hoping they’ll go all the way. Thanks Sharks for a great season!

Conference Finals: Sharks v Blackhawks

Sharks vs Blackhawks

The Sharks did it! Again, my prediction of winning in 6 games didn’t pan out, but I don’t mind. They beat out the Red Wings in convincing fashion (well, except for that 7-1 loss in Game 5–but we’ll just call that a fluke since the rest of the games were much closer than that).

Next up, Blackhawks. I don’t know much about the ‘Hawks other than we leapfrogged each other for 1st place a few times during the regular season. By all accounts, they are a tough team, and this series won’t be an easy one. But then again, I thought the Red Wings would’ve been a bigger challenge, but the Sharks proved me wrong with excellent play.

I realize I didn’t get this post up before Game 1, which the Sharks lost, but if the Sharks continue to play like they did in the Red Wings series and in the 1st period of Game 1, they’ll come out on top in 6. This will be the year we go to the Stanley Cup–I can feel it!

Semifinals: Sharks v Red Wings

Sharks vs Red Wings

Even though my prediction of a mere 5-game series didn’t come true, the Sharks still handily eliminated the Avalanche in 6, after bouncing back from a demoralizing fluke goal on a baffled Nabakov. The Red Wings upset the Coyotes tonight in a blowout 6-1 game 7, which means the Sharks face the Red Wings in round 2 of the playoffs.

As any Sharks fan knows, the Sharks have a bad record when facing the Red Wings. And in recent playoff history, I remember the sleepless nights of anger following the Sharks blowing a 2 games to 0 lead over the Red Wings in the 2007 semifinals. I had nightmares of game 4 when within seconds of the winning, the Sharks allowed the Red Wings to tie it (video)…and of course the Red Wings proceeded to win in OT. There went the momentum of the series, and the rest is Ducks history.

But that was 2007 and though it was a great Sharks team (grumble, grumble), it was a different Sharks team. Like Peterson of the Merc said, Sharks should want to face Red Wings and banish their demons.

The Sharks have a 2nd and 3rd line that have stepped it up in the playoffs, so if the 1st line could just get going, they’d give that rookie goaltender a nice barrage of shots as they did on Anderson. Thornton who has been working hard all series, should have things start up for him against the Red Wings. Heatley has had a lot of time to heal up, and Marleau, who has struggled so far, has just scored his first of these playoffs, so hopefully that was the spark he needed to start his more typical playoff scoring.

So tomorrow, the rested Sharks will play game 1 against the weary Wings, who are just coming off battling through 7 games.

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

My prediction: Like this epic depiction of Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, it’ll be quite the battle, but Sharks win it in 6.


Game 3’s Fluke Goal

Well I guess my prediction isn’t going to come true.

Are you kidding me??

The Sharks lost game 3 in the series in the most wacky way possible. Boyle was flipping the puck around the back of the net for his defensive line-mate, Murray, and Av’s Ryan O’Reilly tipped the pass in the absolute perfect way that got it past Nabokov and into the net. Nabokov, who by the way, was in position to block any shot from that angle. The was only a inch or two between his pads and the goal post. What are the chances of that ever happening, let alone…in a playoff game…in overtime…

The game was a hard one to lose that way because the Sharks dominated the Avalanche. 50 shots to 16. There were times in the 2nd and 3rd period when I swear 5 minutes would pass before the Avalanche could even clear the puck out of their own zone. The Sharks so completely out-shot, out-muscled, and out-played the Avs that it was for the first time in the series, like watching a 1st seed team playing against an 8th seed. The Av’s can only attribute their win to their goalie and the hockey gods. Face it Avs, you got lucky, and you have been lucky. Consider the series so far:

Game 1: a goal off Rob Blake’s skate
Game 2: a goal off Vlasic’s throat
Game 3: the luckiest-ever way to win a game

Sure luck is part of the game, but the Colorado’s luck has got to run out. Can’t rely on luck to win ‘em all.

Dan Boyle in his post-game interview called it “the worst thing that can ever happen to a player.” He’s no doubt taking it pretty hard, but he should forget about it. He on more than one occasion in that game alone was the reason why the Avalanche didn’t score a goal in regulation. He’s one of the best defensemen in the NHL right now, and in my opinion should wear the “C” next season. Forget about it, Dan–you guys will pull through and win this series.

And if the Sharks lose this series, I’ll eat my words. I’ve done it before.

Sharks v Avalanche

Sharks vs Avalanche

It’s that time of the year again, Sharks playoffs. There’s really never any doubt that the Sharks will make it in–they’ve made the playoffs virtually every year for the last 10 years (see my nice graphic), so the playoffs are when we see what they’re made of.

First up: The Colorado Avalanche. They’re not as good of a team as the 8th-seed Ducks were last year.

My prediction: Sharks win it in 5.

Come-on Sharks, don’t make me wrong! (Unless you want to sweep the series. I’m ok with that)