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Semifinals: Sharks v Red Wings

Sharks vs Red Wings

Even though my prediction of a mere 5-game series didn’t come true, the Sharks still handily eliminated the Avalanche in 6, after bouncing back from a demoralizing fluke goal on a baffled Nabakov. The Red Wings upset the Coyotes tonight in a blowout 6-1 game 7, which means the Sharks face the Red Wings in round 2 of the playoffs.

As any Sharks fan knows, the Sharks have a bad record when facing the Red Wings. And in recent playoff history, I remember the sleepless nights of anger following the Sharks blowing a 2 games to 0 lead over the Red Wings in the 2007 semifinals. I had nightmares of game 4 when within seconds of the winning, the Sharks allowed the Red Wings to tie it (video)…and of course the Red Wings proceeded to win in OT. There went the momentum of the series, and the rest is Ducks history.

But that was 2007 and though it was a great Sharks team (grumble, grumble), it was a different Sharks team. Like Peterson of the Merc said, Sharks should want to face Red Wings and banish their demons.

The Sharks have a 2nd and 3rd line that have stepped it up in the playoffs, so if the 1st line could just get going, they’d give that rookie goaltender a nice barrage of shots as they did on Anderson. Thornton who has been working hard all series, should have things start up for him against the Red Wings. Heatley has had a lot of time to heal up, and Marleau, who has struggled so far, has just scored his first of these playoffs, so hopefully that was the spark he needed to start his more typical playoff scoring.

So tomorrow, the rested Sharks will play game 1 against the weary Wings, who are just coming off battling through 7 games.

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

My prediction: Like this epic depiction of Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, it’ll be quite the battle, but Sharks win it in 6.


Game 3’s Fluke Goal

Well I guess my prediction isn’t going to come true.

Are you kidding me??

The Sharks lost game 3 in the series in the most wacky way possible. Boyle was flipping the puck around the back of the net for his defensive line-mate, Murray, and Av’s Ryan O’Reilly tipped the pass in the absolute perfect way that got it past Nabokov and into the net. Nabokov, who by the way, was in position to block any shot from that angle. The was only a inch or two between his pads and the goal post. What are the chances of that ever happening, let alone…in a playoff game…in overtime…

The game was a hard one to lose that way because the Sharks dominated the Avalanche. 50 shots to 16. There were times in the 2nd and 3rd period when I swear 5 minutes would pass before the Avalanche could even clear the puck out of their own zone. The Sharks so completely out-shot, out-muscled, and out-played the Avs that it was for the first time in the series, like watching a 1st seed team playing against an 8th seed. The Av’s can only attribute their win to their goalie and the hockey gods. Face it Avs, you got lucky, and you have been lucky. Consider the series so far:

Game 1: a goal off Rob Blake’s skate
Game 2: a goal off Vlasic’s throat
Game 3: the luckiest-ever way to win a game

Sure luck is part of the game, but the Colorado’s luck has got to run out. Can’t rely on luck to win ‘em all.

Dan Boyle in his post-game interview called it “the worst thing that can ever happen to a player.” He’s no doubt taking it pretty hard, but he should forget about it. He on more than one occasion in that game alone was the reason why the Avalanche didn’t score a goal in regulation. He’s one of the best defensemen in the NHL right now, and in my opinion should wear the “C” next season. Forget about it, Dan–you guys will pull through and win this series.

And if the Sharks lose this series, I’ll eat my words. I’ve done it before.

Sharks v Avalanche

Sharks vs Avalanche

It’s that time of the year again, Sharks playoffs. There’s really never any doubt that the Sharks will make it in–they’ve made the playoffs virtually every year for the last 10 years (see my nice graphic), so the playoffs are when we see what they’re made of.

First up: The Colorado Avalanche. They’re not as good of a team as the 8th-seed Ducks were last year.

My prediction: Sharks win it in 5.

Come-on Sharks, don’t make me wrong! (Unless you want to sweep the series. I’m ok with that)


Months of work has led up to a brand-new This version of the website sheds the 3 or 4 (more?) previous designs, and brings the entire site into a single, unified design:

The new
The new

The previous state of the website had iterations of old designs from years and years past running together simultaneously, with their own sub navigation, their own css, and to a degree, their own structure. As you can imagine, this was a huge headache for updating the site. Just to illustrate what a mess this was for the user, here’s random handful of pages on the old site, each pointing out 6 different sub navigation designs:

Yep, this is all the same website

We invested the time to bring all these different generations of the website under one, brand-new design and architecture. The sub navigation is now pretty consistent across the entire website. It was a big project up-front, but I know that it will really pay large dividends in the coming years with future product launches and general maintenance.

The global navigation underwent a huge overhaul. The old global navigation:

Old nav
Old nav

…and the new one, using the superb protofish dropdowns:

New nav
New nav

As a side note, I made a big push to use some forward-thinking CSS 3 techniques, and drop full support of IE6 (Hallelujah!). Small CSS 3 enhancements like rounded corners, drop-shadows, and pseudo-selectors sped up development time, allowing me to literally re-code the old site in this new design in the insane project schedule we have here.

This was a huge effort, and a big redesign of the site was something that I have been wanting to do since I came onboard. I jumped at the chance to get it done in the small window of opportunity that I had. Congratulations to the web team for a job well-done. Now if only we could get a break–onto the next product launch…


And since this took so long to write and post, FileMaker 11 has launched already. Bring on the purple!