AT&T Data Plan Pricing Changes

Posted Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 at 11:43 AM

Death Star

When AT&T announced they were taking away the $30 per month unlimited data plan in favor of tiered, capped plans. The internet’s knee-jerk reaction, of course, was that of complete and utter outrage. To me, the world wasn’t coming to an end, but I was annoyed to hear that they were taking away the unlimited data plan completely. That seemed to be backwards thinking, I thought, the way things are going with the world going mobile.

I checked our bills for Chesney’s iPhone from January on, and found out–shockingly–that her usage was under 200 MB, ranging from 64 MB to 143 MB at the most. Chesney, like me, uses her phone all the time and rarely makes calls, so I suppose most of that is while connected to wifi. So I’m happy to say that the change in AT&T’s pricing scheme will allow us to move down to the 200 MB/month plan and save us $15 every month!

We’ll lose the unlimited plan forever, but hey, if we’re well-below the lowest tier cap, we can always go up a tier and still be saving $5/month. Also I do think as time goes on, these caps will be changed to reflect the amounts of data users consume.

Now AT&T needs to follow up with cheaper voice plans. We’re paying the cheapest $40/month plan for minutes that we rarely ever use and never even come close to the cap. I would love to pay less for voice and more for data.

Just as an addendum, I looked at my corp account iPhone usage, and it was a little higher than my wife’s, but not by much, and still under the 200 MB/mo cap. I guess I don’t use that much data either.

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