Congratulations Mac and Abby!

Posted Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 at 02:01 PM


Last Saturday on a beautiful August late afternoon, cousin Mac and his lovely bride, Abby tied the knot. It was a short and sweet ceremony followed by a fun reception with good food and great company. I love weddings!

Mac and Abby, Mr. and Mrs. Camacho
Mac and Abby enjoying their reception

I love taking pictures at weddings, and I can’t help myself from walking around the ceremony like a click-happy photographer wannabe. If I got in your way, Mr. Stephan Babuljak, I apologize! By the way, I love Mr. Babuljak’s photo-journalistic style, and if the photos are anything like Mac and Abby’s engagement photos, they are going to be great.

Lem put together an awesome photo slideshow which had the whole place rolling, especially when some of Mac’s hand-picked, goofy photos came up on screen. The fact that the background music for his photos was “Loser” by Beck was perfect.

Speaking of the slideshow, I’m happy to say that a lot of my pictures made it in. It always me happy when I see my photos used for things like this. Photos, which I not only take, but make available for everyone on our family site. After keeping this up for the past eight years, it sometimes seems as though I’m only putting them up for myself and nobody else. So finding them on Christmas cards or slideshows like this at least validates the site’s existence a bit.

This by the way, is the earliest photo that I can find of Mac and Abby at a family get-together on our site.

Mac and Abby at Dave and Dee's Halloween Birthday Bash 2005 Five years ago!

Congrats Mac and Abby! Great job on the wedding and blessings on your new life together!

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