Fantasy Hockey!

Posted Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 at 03:23 PM

When Oliver asked me to join his fantasy basketball league and then suggested we start a fantasy hockey league, I thought, hey, why not? I have never participated in a fantasy league of any kind before and all of a sudden I’m in a basketball league and the commish of a hockey one.

Unfortunately, Yahoo’s fantasy league isn’t the easiest UI to navigate, but that’s probably more because of the sheer amount of information you have to traverse. I’ve gotten some questions about how it all works from guys in our league, and Yahoo has a huge help section, but I thought it might be nice to have real-world examples…like, our own league.

One-day into our season, and here’s what I’ve found out so far…

The Scoring

Whoever’s team is beating the other in a given category are awarded one point. You can see who gets the point in the column by the number in bold.


The official Head-to-head scoring explanation from Yahoo.

BUT, the scoring per day isn’t quite a good indicator of who’s winning, since not every player plays every day. For example, in matchup between Failure is an Option and DHunt’s Team below, it looks as if DHunt’s Team is killing, but in reality, he had 2 players Monday, while Failure is an Option had none. Since 1 is better than none, of course DHunt’s Team is going to amass better stats in every category.


The score will even out for their matchup the following day when Failure is an Option has 4 players with games that night, and the final scores will be at the end of the week, Saturday night.

Getting the Most Out of Your Players

Every team has 4 bench players (1 being a goaltender), the slot denoted BN. Stats from players on the bench don’t count towards your score, so you will want to move them off the bench and into their position slot, replacing anyone who isn’t going to be playing that day.

So in this example, I have Getzlaf on the bench, and since he has a game tonight, I will want to move him into Koivu’s spot, especially since Koivu’s not playing tonight.


(When you’re done editing a lineup, don’t forget to hit the “Submit” button.)

Since you can edit your lineups for future dates as well, you should go ahead and do this same thing for every day through Saturday, just so you can get the most out of your roster.

Also make sure that you don’t have anyone on injured reserve (IR) or has the day to day (DTD) status taking up one of your slots. Bench them (A.K.A. Kovy ‘em) or drop them altogether if they look like they’ll be out long term. I’ve found that those statuses aren’t always up-to-date or quite accurate, so do your homework around the web before dumping a star player.

I think those are the basics. Hope this helps. Any other tips are welcome.

By the way, my team in Oliver’s fantasy basketball league, the San Jose Sharks have an awesome lineup! With both Warriors stars Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry, how can I lose??

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