Giants, World Series CHAMPS

Posted Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 at 09:58 AM


Congratulations to the Giants and their fans for a job well-done! It’s great to be the underdogs and win it all! I’m no baseball fan, but Giants fever spread everywhere. I jumped on the bandwagon myself! I didn’t watch a single game in the regular season, but just could not avoid watching and following the Giants’ tromp through the playoffs and World Series. I’m happy for all the Giants fans out there–victory must be so sweet.

Giants are champs!
Tim Lincecum was superb in Game 5

I was only 10 years old, but I vividly remember watching the 49ers in Superbowl XXIII against the Bengals in 1989 and mom jumping up and down, screaming during “The Drive” that ended with a touchdown to win in the last minutes. I also remember watching the “Battle of the Bay” World Series that same year and the Giants getting their clocks cleaned by the A’s. So as we were watching the Giants charge the mound in celebration last night I told Caleb (my 6-year old) to remember this night and this game. It only comes around every 50 years or so.

…unless you’re a 49ers fan and they win all 5 of their superbowls within a 20-year span. It’s been a while, so I think they are due for another one. Hm, I think I’m frustrated with the 49ers this season.

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