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2010 Christmas Family Photos

You’d think that since I’m so fond of photography and happen to have a pro-photographer for a brother we would have more family photos done, but we don’t. In face the last time we had a good family photo done was probably last Christmas…

Lem was kind enough to make a trip out to our place just to take some family photos for our Christmas card this year. We got all dressed up, took some photos in front of the house, and since the kids were cooperating nicely, went also to nearby McDorsa park.

Lem did a great job, and all the whole set is on timches.

Family photo, Christmas 2010

and the finished product, from Snapfish:

The finished card, front, Christmas 2010
The finished card, front, Christmas 2010

Sharks Games with the Cousins

This December was especially merry because Daniel and Lisa brought back their tradition of going to a Sharks as a group for their birthdays! I always look forward to these outings, because when we are a group, we become the best of fans.

Witness this video Lem took from the Sharks’ 2006 come-from-behind win against the Ducks of all opponents..

Daniel and Lisa’s 2010 birthday game did not disappoint, as you can see from the photos, but we also managed to re-create some of the magic from 2006 with this glorious video of the Sharks coming from a 1-goal deficit to destroy the Coyotes.


(Thanks cousin Mac, for some of the video footage)

Thanks for the fun night, DL! Looking forward to next year!

Going for the Hat-trick!

We’re a little late on the announcement, but I’m going to be a dad! Again! Tyler will get his chance at being the big brother, and Caleb will have to deal with 2 little siblings soon. Like before, we’re going the old-fashioned route and keeping whether or not it’s a boy or girl a surprise for the birth day.

Caleb and Tyler, BOTH big brothers
Caleb and Tyler, BOTH big brothers

The late announcement isn’t because we’re paranoid-secretive. Chesney took a test in early November and went in for a prenatal check a couple weeks ago. Our own calculations were way off and the ultrasound showed that Chesney was already 17 weeks along. …So much for that tough, first trimester. Chesney has always had easy pregnancies, but this is ridiculous.

It’s true what they say – by the 3rd child, they don’t get any pictures. We didn’t even bother with the 10-week ultrasound pictures.

One of the ultrasounds of our healthy number 3
One of the ultrasound photos of our healthy number 3

I’m excited for another addition the family! I’m not gonna lie–it’d be nice to have a girl this time around–and with the Malabuyo genes, there’s not really a good chance (see exhibit A below), but hey, families with all boys are awesome!

A 1-in-8 chance?
A 1 in 8 chance?

Pray for us as we go through the usual stresses and life-changes with adding another family member. After successfully raising 2 babies into kid-hood, another will be a piece of cake, right? Right??