2010 Christmas Family Photos

Posted Sunday, December 26th, 2010 at 11:27 PM

You’d think that since I’m so fond of photography and happen to have a pro-photographer for a brother we would have more family photos done, but we don’t. In face the last time we had a good family photo done was probably last Christmas…

Lem was kind enough to make a trip out to our place just to take some family photos for our Christmas card this year. We got all dressed up, took some photos in front of the house, and since the kids were cooperating nicely, went also to nearby McDorsa park.

Lem did a great job, and all the whole set is on timches.

Family photo, Christmas 2010

and the finished product, from Snapfish:

The finished card, front, Christmas 2010
The finished card, front, Christmas 2010

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