365 Project: The First Month

Posted Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 at 10:15 AM

It was the end of 2010, and my friend Aaron had just completed his 365 project and I was challenged to start my own. What better time to start than the beginning of the new year?

January has come and gone, and I have found out that it’s harder than I first thought to put up a good photo every day. I’ve been pretty good about taking photos every day, but at the end of some days I find myself needing a “good” picture for this project. There have been a more than a few times that I was scrambling to take a good photo around that house before midnight. Still it’s been a fun learning experience. It will be fun to look through my 365 Project photo set and see a real photo-journal of the year.

Here are some of my favorites from January:

January 3

January 3 – Tyler wanted me to take a picture of him with “his friends.”

January 10

January 10 – Glam shot of Caleb.

January 16

January 16 – We just can’t believe how amazing this apple corer / slicer / peeler is!

January 29

January 29 – Off to the races! The AWANA Grand Prix, held every year, is a big, fun event for kids and their dads. Caleb’s car made 5th overall!

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