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Posted Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 at 12:16 PM


MiZ Winter 2011
MiZ Winter 2011

Last year I started ice hockey and even designed our team’s jerseys. Yeah, that season turned out to be a pretty bad one for Mark it Zero and we finished dead last in our single-E division. Personally, it was a season of learning for me. I was still learning how to really skate effectively and play positional hockey–something I didn’t have to worry about as much in my years and years of roller hockey.

The following season we had some turnover, had a captaincy change, picked up some new players, and really came together as a team, finishing 2nd in E West, giving us a bye in the first round of the playoffs. In our first playoff game against Ice Legion, we stuck to our game plan of conservative, defense-first play, and finished strong with a 4-1 win! photos

The Angry Beavers knocked off 32 Degrees, the team that took 1st place in the West above us, so we faced them next. With a hot goaltender, an awesome penalty kill that went 8 for 8, and forwards that got the job done, we shut out the Angry Beavers 4-0! photos

We came into the championship on a hot streak, outscoring our opponents 8-1 in the playoffs, and we cautiously confident facing The Reapers, the winners of the East. The play was pretty even but we had the lead 2-1 at the start of the 3rd period. Then everything fell apart and we gave up 3 unanswered goals, losing in the final, 2-4. photos

Thanks to Lem for being there for every game to take pictures! I put together an album of the best shots.

Nothing to be ashamed of this season, given our season before. We were proud of our squad and had a deep playoff run! Congratulations, Mark it Zero on a great season! The full E division playoff run

For me, this season I really got my “ice legs.” Even though I spent a year skating Gretzky Hours, playing pick-up, and even completing an intermediate ice hockey class, it felt like I spent my first season in learning mode. I would often blow a tire, or go down to the ice easily. This season, I’m happy to say that I’ve improved quite a bit. Though my points were down, I play my position better and cut down on allowing breakaways or blowing coverage. I can’t wait to (hopefully) improve even more next season!

playing D
Playing good D and smiling while doing it!

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