Repairing Hockey Pants

Posted Friday, May 4th, 2012 at 12:59 PM


Back in February I won a contest by HockeyGiant simply by posting a picture of Lem and I in our Mark it Zero jerseys. For my trouble I received a $50 Gift Certificate and I used it to get myself a set of Bauer One60 pants:

Bauer One60 pants

Well in the championship game last season, I took a skate to the pants and found some nice slices in my newest piece of equipment! It sliced right through to the plastic inserts and all the way through to the other side where the plastic insert ended. Luckily the skate blade didn’t go any further or I would have a nice scar as a souvenir! I didn’t even notice the rips until the next game the following week.

Bauer One40 pants

After consulting the wisdom of the internet, I was directed to pick up some canvas iron-on patches from my local Michael’s. It didn’t match exactly, but it is better than ripped up pants.

Bauer One40 pants

I stuck a patch on the inside the hole with the adhesive side up and placed a matching patch adhesive side down on top. With a towel in one hand and an iron in the other, ironed the patch until it was good and stuck.

Bauer One40 pants

Pretty good for 10 minutes of work!

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