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The EOS M – Canon’s New Mirrorless Camera

The Canon EOS M is what I have been waiting for. I love my Canon 7D and it has served me well for the last 3 years–it even gets new firmware next month for some added new life. But there have been plenty of times when I wish I could bring a more compact camera, but have never been happy with the point-and-shoot quality of photos. The EOS M fills that gap.

Canon T4i / 650d vs Canon EOS M
The size difference between the Canon T4i and the new EOS M. My 7D is even larger than the T4i!
(photo from

This is Canon’s version of a “mirrorless” camera–which is essentially an SLR without the mirror. Without the need to house the flipping mirror mechanism, it allows the camera body to be much smaller, while maintaining all the other great qualities of an SLR. It’s really the best of both worlds: the quality of a SLR with a point-and-shoot’s more portable form factor.

Even though Canon EOS M has another lens mount, there will be an adapter that will let me use all my current lenses, if I ever want to do that. I don’t have this lens, but if I did, I could do this:

EOS M + huge lens

It is definitely nice to have a quality camera with me at all times–my iPhone–but for those times when I want to grab a real camera and get really great-quality photos…but don’t want to be that guy with the gigantic, intimidating, pro-sized SLR, the EOS M will be perfect!

First 10k: Check!

I started running a couple months ago, and Lem convinced me to run CityTeam’s Run 4 Recovery 5k/10k with him, so I signed up! The 3-week Philippines trip kind of threw a wrench into my running schedule, and I hadn’t been running regularly ever since, but I did manage to get several practice runs in before the event.

I was only planning on running the 5k, but the way the route was constructed, we ran 5k out, then turned around and ran back to the starting point, so since I was going to have to turn around and come back anyway, I just ran it. So I ended up running the 10k in around and hour and 10 minutes–the longest I’ve ever run at one time. Here’s my run stats and map on

So happy!
We are just so happy to be running!

Thanks Lem for getting me into the event. Lots of fun! Painful fun, but fun.

Pictures of the event