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The Yearly Ventura LAN Party Post

2012 Ventura Lan
Gaming is riveting.

Pictures from the 2012 Ventura LAN Party. Yeah, I know it’s 2012, and LANs have died out, but this tradition has become more than just gaming–it’s become the one time every year that I get to see these guys!

Thanks to Evan, Tim, and Todd for putting this all together year after year.

Sharkie Bobble Heads!

A while back everyone’s favorite mascot S.J. Sharkie posted a contest on both Twitter and Facebook asking his fans to post their favorite picture of him to win a prize. I posted this photo I took of he and Caleb during the FINatical Kids Club Skate with Sharkie event:

Later I find out that my picture won! Sharkie used the photo as his cover photo on Facebook for a week:

Sharkie bobble heads!

…and I received this in the mail about a week later!

Sharkie bobble heads!

Signed even! It should be worth millions in a few years. I guess I should give at least one of the bobble-heads to Caleb since he’s in the photo…maybe he’ll inherit them when he’s old enough.

Thanks Sharkie–love the bobble heads!