Minecraft Steve Halloween Costume

Posted Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 at 01:49 PM


Caleb, like all boys his age are raving-mad over this little-known game…something called “Minecraft,” which is really building with Legos, but in a video game. He wanted to be Steve this year, the hero, main character of the game, which presented a pretty nice challenge for a Halloween costume:

His blockiness, Steve

I tackled the easy things first and did the Iron Sword. I found many templates online, but being the perfectionist I am when it comes to these things, I couldn’t stand the low-res quality I was getting when printed out. So I ended up just creating the sword myself in Illustrator:

Iron Sword Illustrator template
Drawing out the iron sword in Illustrator

One of the perks of having an uncle who designs boxes for a box company is being able to get any box at any size, made to order. I measured Caleb for a box for his head, torso, and arms.

I found a lot of brave parents who blazed the trail of making Steve costumes for their kids. The best one I found on instructables was very helpful. His templates were specific to the size boxes he used so once again, I ended up creating the Steve “skins” for the boxes myself.

Designing in Illustrator was the easy part. I spent an hour at work using the paper cutter to cut the skins across a multitude of pages. Glueing the pages around the boxes was no picnic either, but when it was all over, we had a great-looking Steve costume!

Iron Sword Costume done!

Minecraft Steve Costume Complete!

Caleb donned the costume and made his debut at a Halloween party we had at my cousin’s house:


Closeup on the head

Later we went trick or treating on Halloween, and there was no end to the amount of compliments Caleb got on his costume. We heard a lot of “Look it’s Steve!” and “Hi Steve!” and even, “can I get a picture with Steve?” It was great.

See all the pictures of Caleb’s Steve costume in the Flickr set

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