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Redwood Canopy Tours Adventures

Chesney and I used an old Living Social deal from last year that we hadn’t used yet and went on Mt. Hermon’s Canopy Tours. We got all suited up, learned how to safely zip across a zip line, and off we went. For two hours, we crossed a couple of bridges and glided across 5 or 6(?) different zip lines in the redwoods hundreds of feet above the ground, all the while learning about the redwood trees from our two guides.

If you haven’t done the tour yourself yet, I highly recommend it!

Video clips from the fun afternoon:

This was a very different experience than the Xcelerator Zip Line in Davao that I got to go on last summer. It was, at one time, the longest zip line in Asia at around 1 kilometer long. While fast, exciting, and breath-taking, it was over pretty quickly–a thrill ride. Redwood Canopy Tours was definitely more like a tour. We were taken along a course of zip lines and bridges and it took a couple of hours. Hey guys, it’s a good “date” if you’re looking to impress your adventurous significant other.

But anyway, here’s the video from the Xcelerator Zip Line for comparison:

Welcome to the Family Ezra!

Ezra John Fullerton
Ezra John Fullerton, nephew #2

Andrew, Brittany, and Rhys welcomed a new addition to the family, Ezra John today at 9:04 am! We visited them later that day after our Redwood Canopy Tours adventure and got to spend some time with the little guy.

See the pictures

And one more thing:

Rhys, 2010

Ezra, 2013