Being Googley

Posted Friday, June 20th, 2014 at 10:18 AM


Well I nearly did it: I almost went a year without posting. I’ve been busy! In September I left my long-standing gig at FileMaker after nearly 7 years! That long at one web development job is an eternity in this line of work, and while I had no complaints at FileMaker, I was longing for the next step–something more challenging, or at least something different. I’ve always been very ambitious when it came to career, and I felt as though for me to move on towards the next level, I had to find something new.

Earlier in 2013, I was approached about a long-term contract for a web developer position at Google, and after sending in my resume and online portfolio, was rejected immediately! I took feedback from the recruiter and redid everything. I not only redesigned my portfolio website, but also all of my personal sites, and brushed up on the latest in web development. In 6 months, I applied again, and all that work paid off–I landed an initial phone interview with the dev who would eventually become my mentor at Google, and the rest was history.

My shiny, new propellor cap
My shiny, new propellor cap

This was only a contract but it was made clear to me that if worked hard and showed them what I could do, I would eventually earn my conversion. The last 8 months have been a firehose of new things to learn, new friends, and a new environment to take in. Google has a reputation for being one of the best–if not the best place to work in the world, and after being there my first week, I understood why.

Today, after 8 months on the job as a contractor, I completed by orientation and am now officially a Googler–or “Noogler” as they affectionately call us–and I could not be more proud.

But looking back, I’ll miss being an Apple employee! I was there when the iPhone was debuted, when the iPad introduced, and sadly, when we all got the company-wide memo that Steve had passed.

I’m also proud of what I accomplished during my tenure at FileMaker and everything I learned. But as always whenever I leave a job, I’ll miss my friends the most. Boba runs, beer-chasing, and the annual Christmas photo. I’ll even miss the endless ribbing for being the young whippersnapper of the web team (hilarious now since I am one of the older guys on my new team at Google).

The biggest thanks goes to Chesney, who supported me through this whole process. There were a lot of long hours while I was getting my head wrapped around the job, and she makes it possible for me to do what I do and pursue this career that I’m excited about.

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