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Game 3’s Fluke Goal

Well I guess my prediction isn’t going to come true.

Are you kidding me??

The Sharks lost game 3 in the series in the most wacky way possible. Boyle was flipping the puck around the back of the net for his defensive line-mate, Murray, and Av’s Ryan O’Reilly tipped the pass in the absolute perfect way that got it past Nabokov and into the net. Nabokov, who by the way, was in position to block any shot from that angle. The was only a inch or two between his pads and the goal post. What are the chances of that ever happening, let alone…in a playoff game…in overtime…

The game was a hard one to lose that way because the Sharks dominated the Avalanche. 50 shots to 16. There were times in the 2nd and 3rd period when I swear 5 minutes would pass before the Avalanche could even clear the puck out of their own zone. The Sharks so completely out-shot, out-muscled, and out-played the Avs that it was for the first time in the series, like watching a 1st seed team playing against an 8th seed. The Av’s can only attribute their win to their goalie and the hockey gods. Face it Avs, you got lucky, and you have been lucky. Consider the series so far:

Game 1: a goal off Rob Blake’s skate
Game 2: a goal off Vlasic’s throat
Game 3: the luckiest-ever way to win a game

Sure luck is part of the game, but the Colorado’s luck has got to run out. Can’t rely on luck to win ‘em all.

Dan Boyle in his post-game interview called it “the worst thing that can ever happen to a player.” He’s no doubt taking it pretty hard, but he should forget about it. He on more than one occasion in that game alone was the reason why the Avalanche didn’t score a goal in regulation. He’s one of the best defensemen in the NHL right now, and in my opinion should wear the “C” next season. Forget about it, Dan–you guys will pull through and win this series.

And if the Sharks lose this series, I’ll eat my words. I’ve done it before.

Sharks v Avalanche

Sharks vs Avalanche

It’s that time of the year again, Sharks playoffs. There’s really never any doubt that the Sharks will make it in–they’ve made the playoffs virtually every year for the last 10 years (see my nice graphic), so the playoffs are when we see what they’re made of.

First up: The Colorado Avalanche. They’re not as good of a team as the 8th-seed Ducks were last year.

My prediction: Sharks win it in 5.

Come-on Sharks, don’t make me wrong! (Unless you want to sweep the series. I’m ok with that)