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Welcome to the Family Ezra!

Ezra John Fullerton
Ezra John Fullerton, nephew #2

Andrew, Brittany, and Rhys welcomed a new addition to the family, Ezra John today at 9:04 am! We visited them later that day after our Redwood Canopy Tours adventure and got to spend some time with the little guy.

See the pictures

And one more thing:

Rhys, 2010

Ezra, 2013

Tayte Hits the 4 Month Mark!

For Tayte’s four-month anniversary, I took his picture to match his brothers’ 4 month old pictures. I loved the one I took of Caleb so much I made sure to take the same one of Tyler. And now it’s Tayte’s turn!

Babies at 4 Months

Going for the Hat-trick!

We’re a little late on the announcement, but I’m going to be a dad! Again! Tyler will get his chance at being the big brother, and Caleb will have to deal with 2 little siblings soon. Like before, we’re going the old-fashioned route and keeping whether or not it’s a boy or girl a surprise for the birth day.

Caleb and Tyler, BOTH big brothers
Caleb and Tyler, BOTH big brothers

The late announcement isn’t because we’re paranoid-secretive. Chesney took a test in early November and went in for a prenatal check a couple weeks ago. Our own calculations were way off and the ultrasound showed that Chesney was already 17 weeks along. …So much for that tough, first trimester. Chesney has always had easy pregnancies, but this is ridiculous.

It’s true what they say – by the 3rd child, they don’t get any pictures. We didn’t even bother with the 10-week ultrasound pictures.

One of the ultrasounds of our healthy number 3
One of the ultrasound photos of our healthy number 3

I’m excited for another addition the family! I’m not gonna lie–it’d be nice to have a girl this time around–and with the Malabuyo genes, there’s not really a good chance (see exhibit A below), but hey, families with all boys are awesome!

A 1-in-8 chance?
A 1 in 8 chance?

Pray for us as we go through the usual stresses and life-changes with adding another family member. After successfully raising 2 babies into kid-hood, another will be a piece of cake, right? Right??

Today I Became an Uncle!

Today I joined friends and family in welcoming Rhys (sounds like “Reece”) Culver Fullerton into the world. Born to proud parents Andrew and Brittany–congratulations you too, and welcome to the new sleep schedule!

Rhys Culver Fullerton
Welcome to the family, Rhys!

I love to see new moms and dads. I still vividly remember that day when I became a brand-new dad, myself, feeling a whole bunch of emotions all at the same time, knowing Chesney and I’s lives would be changed starting today. Aw, I’m happy for Andrew and Brittany and the joy they’re feeling right now.

See all the pictures I took this afternoon during our visit with Andrew, Brittany, and Rhys.

Happy First Birthday, Tyler!

Since Caleb got a post when he turned 1, it’s only fair that Tyler gets a blog post, too. Ha, “fair.” Chesney and I do our best, but we kind of stopped trying to make things completely fair – who knows how much he has been “cheated” out of since he is the 2nd child! I’m pretty sure that he has had half the amount of pictures taken of him in comparison with Caleb. …but maybe that’s a good thing… (remember the old Caleb Daily Photos?)

Anyway, Happy birthday, little guy! It was a year ago today that you joined our family and changed our lives forever.

His party is this weekend, right after we get back from an out-of-town wedding. Hopefully we will make it through this busy, busy weekend in one piece!

I don’t have a picture of Tyler from today, but I have this one from a couple days ago, when he was enjoying our new lawn:

Caleb and Tyler enjoy our new lawn