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Coldplay Live at HP!

Coldplay concert
Confetti, wrist bands that light up the place…Coldplay really knows how to put on a show!

I got a chance to see Coldplay at Steve Job’s memorial at the main campus last year, and that’s when I decided that we need to go see them live.

So, several years late to the party, Chesney and I went to our very first Coldplay concert at HP Pavilion! We are not concert-goers, but we both love Coldplay, and I thought it would be a good Christmas present for Chesney last year. I snatched up tickets on Ticketmaster as soon as they were available (that was an experience in itself), and a year later we were sitting in the lower bowl at HP Pavilion witnessing Coldplay put on their famous shows.

Through the years, we’ve always heard friends and family talk about how good Coldplay is live, and they weren’t kidding! We were given multicolored bracelets when we entered the stadium and were told to put them on. Coldplay made their entrance to the Back to the Future theme (awesome), and when they began their first song, thousands of bracelets lit up the place, blinking to the beats of Mylo Xyloto. It was spectacular!

Even without all the lights, confetti, beach balls, or props, Coldplay just sounded awesome live. Chris Martin was dynamic and entertained with his running from one end of the stage to the other. For their encore, they appeared in the other end of HP in an aisle and played a song from there!

All in all, it was a great night–Coldplay did not disappoint. Chesney and I both took pictures and video and they’re up on our site.

A Season of Sharks at the Tank

HP Pavilion, section 205, row 9, seats 10 and 11
At the last game of the regular season, me in our seats for the 2011-2012 season:
section 205, row 9, seats 10 and 11!

And so ends my first season as a Sharks season ticket holder! Or rather, season ticket co-holder. Chesney’s parents were oh-so-kind enough to gift a large portion of the cost of season tickets to us, so we split the two seats between the three families.

It was a great year of Sharks games! Because we had tickets to so many games, I was able to go with Chesney and Tayte, and have some father-son time with Caleb and Tyler for some games as well. There wasn’t as much pressure to get get there way before game start time.

We were lucky–out of all the Sharks games Chesney and I went to, we only saw them lose twice–the rest of the time were glorious victories and fun times at HP!

And though the Sharks made the quickest 1st round exit in franchise history this year (a blog post for another time), it was great to be able to go to so many games. A big thanks to Andrew and Brittany and Curt and Donni for all the child-care throughout the season, and giving Chesney and I a chance at some Sharks game date nights!

Season tickets
Happily divy’ing up the season tickets between the 3 families
Tayte and I
Tayte and I doze off during one of the more boring games…
Chesney and Tayte
Tayte got to go to a lot of games
Tyler and I
Because we had so many games, we got to take each of the kids at different times during the season
Caleb and Sharkie
Caleb happened to be in the right place at the right time to get some 1 on 1 time with Sharkie!

Sharks Games with the Cousins

This December was especially merry because Daniel and Lisa brought back their tradition of going to a Sharks as a group for their birthdays! I always look forward to these outings, because when we are a group, we become the best of fans.

Witness this video Lem took from the Sharks’ 2006 come-from-behind win against the Ducks of all opponents..

Daniel and Lisa’s 2010 birthday game did not disappoint, as you can see from the photos, but we also managed to re-create some of the magic from 2006 with this glorious video of the Sharks coming from a 1-goal deficit to destroy the Coyotes.


(Thanks cousin Mac, for some of the video footage)

Thanks for the fun night, DL! Looking forward to next year!