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Repairing Hockey Pants

Back in February I won a contest by HockeyGiant simply by posting a picture of Lem and I in our Mark it Zero jerseys. For my trouble I received a $50 Gift Certificate and I used it to get myself a set of Bauer One60 pants:

Bauer One60 pants

Well in the championship game last season, I took a skate to the pants and found some nice slices in my newest piece of equipment! It sliced right through to the plastic inserts and all the way through to the other side where the plastic insert ended. Luckily the skate blade didn’t go any further or I would have a nice scar as a souvenir! I didn’t even notice the rips until the next game the following week.

Bauer One40 pants

After consulting the wisdom of the internet, I was directed to pick up some canvas iron-on patches from my local Michael’s. It didn’t match exactly, but it is better than ripped up pants.

Bauer One40 pants

I stuck a patch on the inside the hole with the adhesive side up and placed a matching patch adhesive side down on top. With a towel in one hand and an iron in the other, ironed the patch until it was good and stuck.

Bauer One40 pants

Pretty good for 10 minutes of work!

Almost Champs

MiZ Winter 2011
MiZ Winter 2011

Last year I started ice hockey and even designed our team’s jerseys. Yeah, that season turned out to be a pretty bad one for Mark it Zero and we finished dead last in our single-E division. Personally, it was a season of learning for me. I was still learning how to really skate effectively and play positional hockey–something I didn’t have to worry about as much in my years and years of roller hockey.

The following season we had some turnover, had a captaincy change, picked up some new players, and really came together as a team, finishing 2nd in E West, giving us a bye in the first round of the playoffs. In our first playoff game against Ice Legion, we stuck to our game plan of conservative, defense-first play, and finished strong with a 4-1 win! photos

The Angry Beavers knocked off 32 Degrees, the team that took 1st place in the West above us, so we faced them next. With a hot goaltender, an awesome penalty kill that went 8 for 8, and forwards that got the job done, we shut out the Angry Beavers 4-0! photos

We came into the championship on a hot streak, outscoring our opponents 8-1 in the playoffs, and we cautiously confident facing The Reapers, the winners of the East. The play was pretty even but we had the lead 2-1 at the start of the 3rd period. Then everything fell apart and we gave up 3 unanswered goals, losing in the final, 2-4. photos

Thanks to Lem for being there for every game to take pictures! I put together an album of the best shots.

Nothing to be ashamed of this season, given our season before. We were proud of our squad and had a deep playoff run! Congratulations, Mark it Zero on a great season! The full E division playoff run

For me, this season I really got my “ice legs.” Even though I spent a year skating Gretzky Hours, playing pick-up, and even completing an intermediate ice hockey class, it felt like I spent my first season in learning mode. I would often blow a tire, or go down to the ice easily. This season, I’m happy to say that I’ve improved quite a bit. Though my points were down, I play my position better and cut down on allowing breakaways or blowing coverage. I can’t wait to (hopefully) improve even more next season!

playing D
Playing good D and smiling while doing it!