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Sharkie Bobble Heads!

A while back everyone’s favorite mascot S.J. Sharkie posted a contest on both Twitter and Facebook asking his fans to post their favorite picture of him to win a prize. I posted this photo I took of he and Caleb during the FINatical Kids Club Skate with Sharkie event:

Later I find out that my picture won! Sharkie used the photo as his cover photo on Facebook for a week:

Sharkie bobble heads!

…and I received this in the mail about a week later!

Sharkie bobble heads!

Signed even! It should be worth millions in a few years. I guess I should give at least one of the bobble-heads to Caleb since he’s in the photo…maybe he’ll inherit them when he’s old enough.

Thanks Sharkie–love the bobble heads!

The EOS M – Canon’s New Mirrorless Camera

The Canon EOS M is what I have been waiting for. I love my Canon 7D and it has served me well for the last 3 years–it even gets new firmware next month for some added new life. But there have been plenty of times when I wish I could bring a more compact camera, but have never been happy with the point-and-shoot quality of photos. The EOS M fills that gap.

Canon T4i / 650d vs Canon EOS M
The size difference between the Canon T4i and the new EOS M. My 7D is even larger than the T4i!
(photo from

This is Canon’s version of a “mirrorless” camera–which is essentially an SLR without the mirror. Without the need to house the flipping mirror mechanism, it allows the camera body to be much smaller, while maintaining all the other great qualities of an SLR. It’s really the best of both worlds: the quality of a SLR with a point-and-shoot’s more portable form factor.

Even though Canon EOS M has another lens mount, there will be an adapter that will let me use all my current lenses, if I ever want to do that. I don’t have this lens, but if I did, I could do this:

EOS M + huge lens

It is definitely nice to have a quality camera with me at all times–my iPhone–but for those times when I want to grab a real camera and get really great-quality photos…but don’t want to be that guy with the gigantic, intimidating, pro-sized SLR, the EOS M will be perfect!

Lightroom Convert Here

Lightroom's Interface
My Lightroom trial has been a joy to use over the Easter weekend.

Hey, I’ve been inspired to make an entry in my blog! So here goes…

I’ve spent hours over the last couple days going over the pictures that I’ve taken over the Easter weekend–and there were a lot of pictures–only this time instead of using Aperture, I used Lightroom. I’ve actually been using the demo for the last month, but it didn’t take me that long to warm up to it. Being a longtime Aperture supporter, I really didn’t want to like it as much as I do, but I have to be honest: right now, Lightroom is just the better product.

Lightroom’s speed alone gives it the advantage in my book. For years I have been grumbling over Aperture’s sluggish performance. I knew it was slow, but I didn’t know the competition was that much faster. Lightroom is snappier, and it’s interface and little options here and there actually makes tasks quicker through 1 or 2 less clicks. When I can import, browse, and edit my photos more quickly, over the course of thousands of photos…it all adds up to lots of time saved!

Lightroom also has a superior interface as well, when I used to think the opposite (I guess I should try out the competition before deciding things like that). LR’s philosophy in workflow is different from Aperture’s to be sure, but the panels are more customizable, easily shown and hidden, and I do now think that Adobe’s approach to folders is better.

The tools are better. Sorry Aperture, they just are, as much as I hate to say it. There is actually noise reduction and lens correction built-in. The vignette effect is much more flexible.

I have been an Aperture-user from the very beginning, and Apple even had a head-start on Lightroom, so it’s pretty disappointing to see that Aperture has languished while Lightroom has thrived to the point where, for my money, it is the superior product. Hats off to you, Adobe! While I believe some of your products suffer feature bloat and a UI that still hangs on to the 90’s, Lightroom is in a class all it’s own, and a great tool for photographers!

Tayte Hits the 4 Month Mark!

For Tayte’s four-month anniversary, I took his picture to match his brothers’ 4 month old pictures. I loved the one I took of Caleb so much I made sure to take the same one of Tyler. And now it’s Tayte’s turn!

Babies at 4 Months

365 Project: The First Month

It was the end of 2010, and my friend Aaron had just completed his 365 project and I was challenged to start my own. What better time to start than the beginning of the new year?

January has come and gone, and I have found out that it’s harder than I first thought to put up a good photo every day. I’ve been pretty good about taking photos every day, but at the end of some days I find myself needing a “good” picture for this project. There have been a more than a few times that I was scrambling to take a good photo around that house before midnight. Still it’s been a fun learning experience. It will be fun to look through my 365 Project photo set and see a real photo-journal of the year.

Here are some of my favorites from January:

January 3

January 3 – Tyler wanted me to take a picture of him with “his friends.”

January 10

January 10 – Glam shot of Caleb.

January 16

January 16 – We just can’t believe how amazing this apple corer / slicer / peeler is!

January 29

January 29 – Off to the races! The AWANA Grand Prix, held every year, is a big, fun event for kids and their dads. Caleb’s car made 5th overall!

2010 Christmas Family Photos

You’d think that since I’m so fond of photography and happen to have a pro-photographer for a brother we would have more family photos done, but we don’t. In face the last time we had a good family photo done was probably last Christmas…

Lem was kind enough to make a trip out to our place just to take some family photos for our Christmas card this year. We got all dressed up, took some photos in front of the house, and since the kids were cooperating nicely, went also to nearby McDorsa park.

Lem did a great job, and all the whole set is on timches.

Family photo, Christmas 2010

and the finished product, from Snapfish:

The finished card, front, Christmas 2010
The finished card, front, Christmas 2010

Congratulations Mac and Abby!

Last Saturday on a beautiful August late afternoon, cousin Mac and his lovely bride, Abby tied the knot. It was a short and sweet ceremony followed by a fun reception with good food and great company. I love weddings!

Mac and Abby, Mr. and Mrs. Camacho
Mac and Abby enjoying their reception

I love taking pictures at weddings, and I can’t help myself from walking around the ceremony like a click-happy photographer wannabe. If I got in your way, Mr. Stephan Babuljak, I apologize! By the way, I love Mr. Babuljak’s photo-journalistic style, and if the photos are anything like Mac and Abby’s engagement photos, they are going to be great.

Lem put together an awesome photo slideshow which had the whole place rolling, especially when some of Mac’s hand-picked, goofy photos came up on screen. The fact that the background music for his photos was “Loser” by Beck was perfect.

Speaking of the slideshow, I’m happy to say that a lot of my pictures made it in. It always me happy when I see my photos used for things like this. Photos, which I not only take, but make available for everyone on our family site. After keeping this up for the past eight years, it sometimes seems as though I’m only putting them up for myself and nobody else. So finding them on Christmas cards or slideshows like this at least validates the site’s existence a bit.

This by the way, is the earliest photo that I can find of Mac and Abby at a family get-together on our site.

Mac and Abby at Dave and Dee's Halloween Birthday Bash 2005 Five years ago!

Congrats Mac and Abby! Great job on the wedding and blessings on your new life together!

Sharks and Chicken

Lem let me tag along to help him cover the San Jose Sharks/Tyson Food/Second Harvest Food Bank event. These guys teamed up to donate thousands of pounds of chicken to various local charities. I got there kind of late, when everything was pretty much wrapped up, but Lem did get my a bunch of autographs of the players that were there. Woohoo!

woo hoo!
Lem failed to get JR, Lemieux, and some others, but hey, I’m eternally grateful!

The last time I got to meet some Sharks, back in 2005.

Digital Photography and Me

Me trying to look pro
Me trying to look pro.

Listen up kids, long ago, in photography, before this confounded thing we call “digital,” there was this little medium we called film. It was delicate, time-consuming, expensive, had a set ISO, and we could only shoot 12, 24, or the massive 36 shots on one roll. We bought these rolls in packs at Costco to save money, and stored what we didn’t use in the fridge to keep them fresh. Just to make prints we camped out in darkrooms and used huge enlarger machines and dodged and burned with our hands. We ruined our pictures (not to mention our clothes) when we weren’t careful with emulsion and gosh-darned it, we liked it that way! (more…)