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The 2013 Sharks Jersey Redesign

After teasing fans on social networks for days prior, the Sharks took the wraps off their home and away jerseys today.

The players are obviously excited
The players are obviously excited

It was a minor update, and overall, I like the changes. The shoulder cap was nice, but I personally think the jerseys look better without it–the white away jersey especially looks great without the teal shoulder cap! Removing the orange accents from the numbers and letters is a big improvement, again, especially on the white jersey.

The only thing that looks peculiar is the absence of any striping on the waist. The black pants is a natural break in color, so at least it’s not one, solid color. Apparently, a big factor in this redesign was players’ desire to lighten the weight of the jersey, which taking out the striping would certainly accomplish. I own the consumer versions of the black 3rd and the now retired teal, and the black jersey without the stripes does feel noticeably lighter. I never knew why the players chose year after year to wear the black 3rd jerseys in the playoffs, and now we know!

I came to the same conclusions that I see other fans have posted online. The only thing I’d like to point out is now they have simplified everything, while they may not be much to look at, I think they look great on the players in context with the whole uniform.

A comparison between the old and the new
A comparison between the old and the new. I think the white home jerseys in particular are a big improvement. I never liked the teal shoulder cap.

My subjective opinions:

Thumbs up

  • Removed shoulder caps
  • Removed orange around lettering and numbers

Thumbs down

  • Kept the superfluous chest numbers
  • Absence of any striping at the bottom

Icethetics has a good review on the new sweaters.

The Great Portfolio Redesign of 2013

I haven’t redesigned my portfolio site in ages. It’s undergone minor “realigns” in past years, but this time I started from scratch. I give you the new Blue Sphere Studios!

Blue Sphere Studios
This redesign features a layout that changes to adapt to whatever device it’s viewed on.

All the buzzwords are in there: HTML5, CSS3, and most importantly, responsive. With mobile becoming more and more of a factor for the web these days, responsive design the skill to have right now. That is, doing away with specific mobile versions of websites and developing one website that actively “responds” to the device form factor, be it a desktop with a 30-inch monitor, tablet, or the smallest of smartphones.

Responsive design was just starting to show on websites around the time of the 2011 An Event Apart Conference, but the following year at the same conference, it was all about mobile, and responsive design took center-stage.

Next to the slow but rewarding change from websites with table-layouts to the css-based design, responsive design is the biggest change in thinking for web designers. Mobile-viewing is growing and continues to grow exponentially, while the desktop experience grow has slowed, and your next website redesign must have a responsive design or you are leaving a big part of your audience with a less than happy experience on your website.

A responsive design makes a difference!
A non-reponsive website (left) will leave your mobile users squinting or zooming in and out, while a responsive design (right) changes the layout on the fly for a better mobile experience.

So check out the new Blue Sphere Studios website and let me know what you think! Redesign

I’m happy to say that after a year of off and on work with the excellent team at the non-profit, CityTeam Ministries, we’ve launched a long-overdue redesign of the CityTeam website! redesign

CityTeam Ministries was my first web design job out of college, so I was happy to work with them again. You can see a brief history of their website designs on my post I wrote when I left CityTeam back in 2005.

Congratulations to CityTeam and the marketing team on the launch of their new website!