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First 10k: Check!

I started running a couple months ago, and Lem convinced me to run CityTeam’s Run 4 Recovery 5k/10k with him, so I signed up! The 3-week Philippines trip kind of threw a wrench into my running schedule, and I hadn’t been running regularly ever since, but I did manage to get several practice runs in before the event.

I was only planning on running the 5k, but the way the route was constructed, we ran 5k out, then turned around and ran back to the starting point, so since I was going to have to turn around and come back anyway, I just ran it. So I ended up running the 10k in around and hour and 10 minutes–the longest I’ve ever run at one time. Here’s my run stats and map on

So happy!
We are just so happy to be running!

Thanks Lem for getting me into the event. Lots of fun! Painful fun, but fun.

Pictures of the event

Not a Bad Start

I completed my first month of running. I had a little bit of a setback in the last week because of the playoffs with Mark it Zero, then getting too sick to run, but I think it’s a good start. When I fist started, I was huffing after only running a single mile, but now I’m up to 2 miles without any problems. My only real problem is carving out the time to go on these runs now that they are pushing 20 minutes. That, and boredom while running!

I’ve been using both Strava and iMapMyRun–both great apps–to track my progress. Here’s the month of April on mapmyrun:

April running

I went on one mile-long trail run with steep grades, but I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. That run killed my calves! Caleb on his scooter has gone with me on several of my long runs, going ahead of me on his scooter than waiting. It’s nice to have company while running.

I hope to start trying out 3 mile runs next week.

So I’ve Started Running

I’ve promised myself I would start running many times before, so we’ll see how long this lasts! I’ve noticed that my beer gut has been getting more pronounced in my ripe, old age of 32, and it looks especially ridiculous to have a beer gut when you’ve got a slim build like mine.

In everything that I do, I’ve always been a gear-head, so I wanted to get the right running shoes. Oliver mentioned that he had to get a specific type of running shoe because of his flat feet, and that got me researching the different kinds of running shoes for foot/gait types. Armed with the knowledge that I probably needed either really good stability or motion control shoes, I headed over to Sports Basement to find the right pair that I liked.

One of the guys at Sports Basement had me run down the aisle with my shoes off to analyze the amount of pronation was going on, and just as I suspected, we Malabuyo boys “severely overpronate,” as the guy put it. So motion-control shoes it is. I tried every motion control type shoes that they had and settled on these beauties:

Brooks Addiction

I was leaning towards the Asics Evolutions…but then I saw the Brooks were on sale, so I snagged those instead. So far, I’ve been pretty happy with them–which is a good thing, since these are the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever laid down money for.

I’m only doing very short mile to mile-and-a-half runs so far, but I hope to work myself up to a solid 6 mile run at a 10 minute mile pace. It should be a good fitness complement to hockey, especially during any long gaps between games.